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Auto Accident Representation Whatever Happened to Brendan Fraser? Crippling Alimony What if I’m injured in an accident out of state? Garnishment, Levies, and Liens – What’s What Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Invisible Injuries: Fender Benders and Proving Pain Estate Planning with Special Needs in Mind First-Party vs. Third-Party Special Needs Trusts What is a QDRO and do I need one? Think…

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Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche

You’ve heard of Debt Snowball and/or Debt Avalanche. You might be wondering what’s the difference between them. You might also be wondering if one is better than the other. Let’s compare Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche. DEBT SNOWBALL When you use the Debt Snowball, you list all of your starting with the lowest balance of each debt and proceed down…

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Prime the pump

Many of you have heard the story about the traveler who was lost in the desert and out of water. He was literally dying of thirst. He knew that death was near unless he found water soon. In the distance, he saw a shack. When he got to the shack, he saw a water pump and a jar of clear,…

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